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  1. Hi Pete! I wanted to say thank you again for leading OLA Gold Leadership Institute. What a wonderful experience. I’m also glad to see your site back up & running!

    I was wondering if you are willing/able to share slides from your OLA Gold PowerPoint. I am planning on doing some Personality Test activities with my staff and, in particular, I was hoping for a copy to the slide about the library closing after 49 years and what are the Top 10 Steps to take. There were also some really great slides that had activity prompts, videos, or quotes I would like for my personal reflection if it is something you have access to and are able to share. Not sure if those belong to you, but I thought I’d ask! I also have not explored your website yet, so I may search around in the meantime.

    Again, such a pleasure to meet you. Please know you can contact me at any time! Cheers.

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