Allen County Public Library’s "Conversation Series" Video

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I am honored to have been included in Allen County Public Library’s Conversation Series, “a collection of interviews about the future of libraries, technology and the role we play in shaping the libraries of tomorrow.”  Thank you to ACPL’s Sean Robinson and Kay Gregg for inviting me to participate in the series and for creating such a beautifully produced video.

The importance of keeping the customer at the center

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David Rothman has written* a beautiful, concise “Manifesto of Common Sense Librarianship”.   I’m not much for manifestos, but I dig this one not only for its content, but for the way it actually walks its own talk. It is clear, concise, and written in a simple yet engaging voice. It’s got style AND substance.  For example,

“If you can find something that your library is regarding as more important than user needs, something is very wrong.”

Bravo!   Head on over to David’s blog to read the rest: Common Sense Librarianship: An Ordered List Manifesto.

* David notes that the manifesto resulted “from conversations with really smart and insightful people like Amy Buckland, Kathryn Greenhill, Jenica Rogers, and Maurice Coleman.”  Tip o’ the hat to all y’all.