Book Chapter Published: Influence is a Choice: Aligning Actions Toward Your Preferred Future

Effectiveness, Emotional Intelligence, Influence, Leadership

Crucible MomentsI’m pleased to share that I have a chapter, “Influence is a Choice: Aligning Actions Toward Your Preferred Future”, in Mission Bell Media’s new book, Crucible Moments: Inspiring Library Leadership.

You can see a preview of the book here.

I’d like to thank Steven Bell, Editor, for inviting me to offer a chapter along with the other authors, many of whom, including Trevor Dawes, Brian Matthews, Char Booth, Jon Cawthorne, Kenley Neufeld, Maureen Sullivan, and Steven himself,  have been inspiring me through their writing, speaking, and general thought leadership for years.  It’s an honor to have my writing alongside theirs in this wonderful volume.

I encourage you to check out this book because it is not your typical tome on library leadership.  Through a variety of personal stories and perspectives, leadership is presented as an “as lived” experience.  It is only by confronting, navigating, and reflecting upon our personal challenges –our crucible moments — that we clarify our values and develop a deep understanding of our own leadership strengths and deficits.

Highly recommend!