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Surviving and Thriving in a Deeply Weird World

Here are the slides to my recent keynote, “Surviving and Thriving in Deeply Weird World”, presented at the ULA Fall Workshop on September 29, 2017 at the Park City Library. Surviving and Thriving in Deeply Weird World from Peter Bromberg

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Cultures of Curiosity

NEW ALALEARNING BLOG POST This month ALALearning bloggers are focusing on how learning is done in our organizations.  Having started at the MPOW just a few short months ago I am still learning how learning happens– formally and informally — in the organization. So rather than address the question narrowly, I’d like to look more… Continue reading Cultures of Curiosity

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Research confirms: Goofing off at work makes you a better employee

A new study by a bunch of Australians with too much time on their hands confirms what Library Garden has previously reported: Not working makes you a better worker. That’s right folks! Employees who surf the net, check Facebook, send some tweets, or regularly check on the latest Brangelina update (are they pregnant? are they… Continue reading Research confirms: Goofing off at work makes you a better employee

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I Hire People For Two Reasons

“I hire people for two reasons — and this is true– I hire people if they’re enthusiastic and if they’re nice. And to me nothing else matters… If they have those two things, we can teach ’em.” –Bobby Flay, at Learning2007 Conference. From: More Goodies: The Bobby Flay video More Audio/Video from Learning2007

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Nordstrom Quality Customer Service

Good for the “New Seasons” Grocery store, which is taking a page out of the Nordstrom Employee manual, “Use your good judgment in all situations.” The New York Times Reported: [New Seasons] employees are given “get out of jail free” cards with the instructions to do anything a customer wants. Mr. Rohter said one young… Continue reading Nordstrom Quality Customer Service